Doctor Who Scarf

Tardis blue police box from Doctor Who appearing to move through space. The stylized photo is a purplish blue.

Welcome to the Doctor Who Scarf number of balls calculator and pattern generator!

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Please enter the number of yards in each ball of the yarn you would like to use. The yarn must be Craft Yarn Council's "04" weight (thickness)! Other names for this are: worsted, medium, and 10ply. If you use wraps per inch (great for mystery yarn in your stash that's lost its label!) it should be 9wpi.

How Many Balls to Make a Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf
10.5" x 12 feet (144")

Note: Currently (March 27, 2023) the generator only gives the total number of balls. This page will be expanded to include how many balls of each colour you will need.

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Doctor Who Scarf Pattern Generator

Comming Soon!

Once this section is completed you'll be able to put in the number of yards per ball of the worsted/medium weight yarn you want to use in the calculator above, and the page will generate how many balls of each colour you need as well as a simple pattern that advanced beginner knitters and crocheters can follow.

The first pattern generated is based on Chris Brimlow's Season 12 pattern on and his dedicated Doctor Who Scarf website which he based on the BBC's pattern which is no longer avaliable. (Wow that's convoluted!) Eventually, I hope to add further pattern generators for Doctor Who scarf patterns from other seasons.